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Healthcare-ID holds its 22nd annual User Group meeting in Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Buffalo Grove, IL, September 25, 2023 – Healthcare-ID, Inc. announces the completion of their 22nd annual User Group meeting, which was held in Lake Buena Vista, Florida on September 19-20, 2023.  In attendance were representatives from Healthcare-ID’s customer base, as well as several folks from Healthcare-ID.  “Our annual meeting is a great way for us to discuss any changes that have occurred within our software over the past year, in addition to upcoming enhancements.  It’s also a perfect forum for our customers to network and share ideas, processes, etc.,” states Rick Stone, President and CEO of Healthcare-ID.  Bryan Sadorf, Executive Vice President and COO states, “We greatly appreciate the vendors who took the time out to present and share their products with our customers. Those include Delcon USA, Fresenius Kabi, Digi-Trax, and Applied Science, Inc. We hope everyone found the sessions beneficial and informative.” 

Donor-ID™ is used to collect over 8,000,000 units of blood annually at the following Blood Centers:  Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center in Houston, TX; Memorial Blood Center in St Paul, MN;  Nebraska Community Blood Bank in Lincoln, NE; Oklahoma Blood Institute in Oklahoma City, OK; Coffee Memorial Blood Center in Amarillo, TX;  Arkansas Blood Institute in Little Rock, AR;  Texas Blood Institute in Wichita Falls, TX; Stanford Blood Center in Palo Alto, CA;  LifeStream in San Bernardino, California; ARUP Blood Services in Salt Lake City, UT; Central California Blood Center in Fresno, CA;  Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles, CA; MEDIC Regional Blood Center in Knoxville, TN; Canadian Plasma Resources in Saskatoon, SK, Canada; ConnectLife in Williamsville, NY, and The American Red Cross, nationwide. 

(About Healthcare-ID) Incorporated in January 1995, Healthcare-ID develops and markets products to meet the Blood Center's need for automating the entry of accurate information at both fixed and mobile collection sites to eliminate the disposal of collected blood units based on donor eligibility and suitability, and significantly reduce the cost of blood collection.  Healthcare-ID, with its Donor-IDTM product, offers modules including Registration, Health History Screening, CASI, Internet CASI, Physical Exam, Daily QC, Phlebotomy, Shipping, Survey, Check-In Plus, Equipment and Supply Management, and Donor Adverse Reaction.  Donor-IDTM interfaces to most major blood center data management systems. Visit www.healthcare-id.com for more information.

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